OTP Auth (macOS)
2FA For Pros

This app is the macOS companion for OTP Auth for iOS. It can be used to generate one time passwords for your two factor authentication enabled accounts right on your Mac. No need to pull your phone out of your pocket.

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Donations are very welcome and important to make sure I can continue to work on this app 🙂.


Please keep in mind that OTP Auth for macOS is in beta. See frequently asked questions below for known bugs.

OTP Auth for macOS comes without any warranty of any kind. It's main purpose is to get some feedback, whether or not the app is useful and what should be added. Please make sure you have a backup of your accounts. You can create one with OTP Auth for iOS.


Notification Center

Swipe down, tap an account in the widget and paste it on your favorite site.

Safari Extension

Open the Safari extension and the code will be entered for you automagically.

iCloud Sync

Enabled iCloud Sync and all your devices will have the same account. Always.


OTP Auth can be used with any service that uses one time passwords.

For a list of services that support two factor authentication you may want to take a look at twofactorauth.org.


OTP Auth fully respects your privacy. Your accounts are not sent to any server, no ads are shown and usage data is collected.

For further information you can take a look at the privacy policy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there is a known bug in the macOS version of OTP Auth related to custom icons. If you use custom icons for some of your accounts, please delete them and try again. If this does not solve the problem do not hesitate and contact me.

Basically, Apple does not want the app in the current state. Their problem with the app is that it is not fully featured (you can only access accounts, but you cannot add and/or modify accounts). Thus publishing in the macOS App Store is not an option 😑.

However, I thought getting some feedback about whether or not such a macOS app is useful might be good. This is why I publish a beta here.

I wanted to have a macOS app for generating one time passwords on my Mac without the need of a phone. This is what the macOS app does. Writing this app already took me some time. And to prevent me from failing after investing a lot more time to implement a full featured client I thought that this app might already be good to get some feedback. It is kind of a minimal viable product to me: A way to find out what a fully featured macOS app would need to do 🙃.

Right now my focus is on perfectly implementing the available features. That is, fixing all bugs and adding missing features in the macOS widget and Safari extension. After I'm finished with that, I will start adding more and more features to the macOS app until we finally have a fully featured app which than can be published in the macOS App Store.

Write me a mail. If it is a bug, I will fix it. Of course, a detailed description of your problem (or a screenshot/screencast) will be helpful for me.