An iOS client for your kitty

This app allows you to scan the EAN code of your drink and automagically add it to the list of drinks you took from the companies refrigerator.



Donations are very welcome and important to make sure I can continue to work on this app 🙂.

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How does it work?

Setup a kitty server, make the EAN codes of your drink bottles known to that kitty server and connect your app with it. Now you can scane the EAN codes on your bottles with this app and the app will automgically mark the bottle as bought by you.

Supported codes

This app is able to scan all types of codes on your bottles. Including EAN-8, EAN-12 and QR codes.

User accounts

This app is able to manage multiple user accounts on multiple servers. This way you can add the scanned bottle to different users. You can even scan a bottle for your friend.