The app for deciding what to eat today

This app is a client for the OpenMensa database. It allows to access most of the mensas and canteens in Germany to see what meals are offered today.

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Donations are very welcome and important to make sure I can continue to work on this app 🙂.

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Available canteens

This app supports a wide range of canteens in Germany. Supported canteens are in Aachen, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Hamburg, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Weimar, Würzburg and many many more. For a complete list see OpenMensa.org.

Next days

You can not only see the available meals of today. You can also see what will be available tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after the day after tomorrow and ...
(Not available for all canteens. But for most)


After you have found your favorite canteen you can save it as a favorite. No more searching for your mensa. Instead your have instaneous access to all available meals.

Search on map

All available canteens can be picked from a map. This makes searching for your canteen as easy as possible. No need to type in any names!


You are new to your town and you are not sure how to get to your canteen? Just ask the app. It will tell you.