OTP Auth (iOS)
The app for calculating one time passwords

This app is used to calculate one time passwords required to log into your accounts after you enabled two factor authentication. It works with many popular services like Google Mail, Amazon, GitHub, Dropbox and many more.

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Support for many Services

OTP Auth can be used with any service that uses one time passwords. This includes popular services like Google Mail, Dropbox, Evernote and many more. You only have to enable two factor authentication. For a list of services that support two factor authentication you may want to take a look at twofactorauth.org.

iCloud Synchronization

OTP Auth supports synchronize all your accounts between your devices. This allows you to add a new account on your iPhone and later request a code on your iPad. This feature is powered by Apple iCloud to make it as reliable as possible and can be turned on and off at any time.

Notification Center Widget

To make using OTP Auth as easy as possible, it includes a widget for the Notification Center. Swipe down, tap an account in the widget and your code is copied into the pasteboard. From there you can paste it where ever you need it.

Safari Extension

If you are browsing the web using Safari, OTP Auth has something special for you: A Safari extension. Just launch this extension, choose an account and the code of the chosen account will be inserted into the website right where you need it.


OTP Auth is the only app out there that allows you to export accounts. They are saved in an encrypted file using AES-128, one of the strongest encryption algorithms out there. If you have apps like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive installed you can export the files to these third party storage services. You can share these files using AirDrop.


Instead of exporting just one account, OTP Auth also supports exporting all accounts at once. This allows you to easily create backups of all your accounts. Backups are encrypted with the same AES-128 encryption algorithm used for exporting one account and can be saved to third party storage services, too.

Touch ID

To secure your accounts from unauthorized access, OTP Auth can be secured using Touch ID or a password if your device does not support Touch ID.


OTP Auth fully respects your privacy. Unlike other apps, your accounts are not sent to any server (except iCloud Sync is enabled). Also OTP Auth does not show any ads and does not collect any usage data. The app works offline without any restrictions.

For further information you can take a look at the privacy policy.

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